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Mr. Armstrong,
In your post today you mentioned Donald Trump would be the most qualified candidate to handle the sovereign debt crisis.  If I may ask, do you know Trump and do you think he would consider your solution for the coming crisis?
Thanks for insight.

ANSWER: No. I never advised Trump or his companies. Since he knows about defaults and debtor negotiations, he is far ahead of any professional politician. He would be far more open to practical market solutions than career politicians. Whether he would make a great president, who knows, but he would at least shake up Washington and just may open the door to people who would then step up to actually make a difference.

When I was asked if I would be willing to work in the White House during the Bush Jr. days, I laughed. First of all, I would never give up my company for a two-year job, or even a four-year job at best. Secondly, could you imagine a Senate hearing? “Oh, you advised Toyota and Mercedes against American manufacturers. How do we know you would not sell America out to your overseas clients?” I would get such a question — Hillary, no way.

Everyone I know with real world experience would NEVER take such a position for people who see the world only in a political context would grill you. So why would anyone who is actually in the field do such a thing? Those jobs are for people who have achieved nothing so they can then get pensions and speaking fees for decades afterwards. That is why nobody qualified would ever run or accept such a job. It is insane. Those who came from Goldman Sachs were there for a deliberate reason — to cut the chains that bind the banks.