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Time for a Change in Reasoning

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I receive a lot of emails questioning how our forecasts can be so correct on everything, from gold and stocks, to politics and the economy. I have stated all along that EVERYTHING is connected. The reason people have been wrong on the metals, inflation, and debt is because they focus only on that one particular sector and try to rationalize events. They constantly believe in old theories and argue that metals have declined only because there is some dark sinister plot. They cannot comprehend where there has been no inflation, or why debt keeps expanding.

I have disagreed with the dark scenarios because they do not exist. Yes, the money center banks have manipulated whatever they could, be it commodities, debt, currency, no less politics – that is absolutely true – but they do not engage in perpetual manipulation to prop-up or suppress the market forever. If that were true, why bother buying metals at all if they can never rise? Too much is made up to support people selling gold. yet they create such demons, it is illogical to every buy gold in they were correct.


The metals have performed PRECISELY according to our world correlation models. That means they are doing NOTHING abnormal. The banks age of manippulating market came to an end in 2013. Ever since, the banks are getting called out for what they have been doing all along since 1981 when PhiBro took over Salomon Brothers starting the whole manipulation of market era. The PROOF that the gold promoters are wrong and other who harp about systemic manipulations to get donations is simply that the precious metals are still headed lower and the entire would is engulfed in a DEFLATIONARY spiral. The type of manipulation they have been claiming existed would mean oil should be $200 but gold and silver are the ONLY markets suppressed. Just open your eyes to the bullshit and save your money from donations. If you want to donate to a bullshit organization, then try the Clinton Foundation. They promote their bullshit better.

Look at world politics. We have been warning that a break-up of the old political parties is unfolding on a global scale. We see this everywhere, even in Spain. You have Boehner acting like a dictator actually punishing anyone who does not vote as he demands. This guy is insane – thanks so much for that Ohio.

Meanwhile, the Cold War is back. There are even allegations that Russia has a new front of KGB operatives that are more ruthless than in the old days. But this is not one sided. The actions of the NSA are equally questionable, and let us not forget the torture the U.S. inflicted on Arabs in custody. The Obama Administration is the aggressor trying to expand NATO eastward deliberately provoking Russia.

Welcome to the world of insanity. It’s about to wake up. This is not a dream.