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Thinking & Understanding the Right Track

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After many years of reading your work I thank you for improving my knowledge of all kinds. From reading your work I conclude the pi cycle has to exist, it is the anchor point of the other cycles as well as their composite. The destructive power it seems to usher in is what is needed to progress society/the economy and move us on, on our journey. The old is destroyed and something new and hopefully better fills its space (a creative but destructive force). Therefore, as long as we don’t white earth or go mad max/dark age (where progress is effectively put on hold) it will always be there and that is why you have seen it back in history to the beginning of historical records.

Am I on the right track?

So the sovereign debt cycle has to end now, “it’s just time”.



ANSWER: Excellent, well put. You graduate to the winner’s circle. Marxist-Keynesianism has dominated our political economy BECAUSE it empowers government to manipulate society. The reality is indeed, “it’s just time”, as Margaret Thatcher said to me. Maggie got it. Few politicians ever do.



The majority of politicians are interested in personal careers of telling others what they THINK they should do rather than comprehending that we must live within the boundary of nature. The truth remains hidden before our eyes. Government cannot manipulate society for the better when they do not even understand how it functions. So politics are self-aggrandizing and sees itself as the solution to everything when in fact it is the cause of war, civil unrest, and oppression.

This is the same arrogance of global warming that assumes humankind has the capacity to alter the cyclical forces of nature by driving cars around only since the 1930s rather than considering that this just might be something much larger than we can imagine and part of the divine design behind the universe. We are not God. Setting off every nuclear bomb will not destroy the planet or turn Earth into space rocks. We can alter our environment by doing so and ridding the planet of humanity as the dominant species, but Earth will heal itself and life will adopt exactly as scientist have discovered in Ukraine at the site of Chernobyl. Wildlife has thrived because it sent humans running.

We learn from our mistakes on a personal level. Every parent tells their child not to stick their finger in the flame of a candle, but children must experience that for themselves. It is a lesson of life. The forces of creative destruction are how society moves on its journey through knowledge. It is something to understand and adapt to, whereas government seizes more power and claims it alone possesses the power to alter the future by preventing the cycle from every happening again. They have never succeeded, not even once. Some seven agencies approved the real estate CDOs that blew up the world in 2007 — SEVEN! Not a single agency understood the dimensions of what they approved. There is not a single instance of government embracing anything that will eliminate the business cycle. Yet at every turn, they promise to accomplish what no one has ever done in history.