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There Comes a Time We Must Stand Up

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COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong,

On one of your blogs yesterday you wrote the most chilling comment I’ve ever read on your site, to the effect that you don’t want to live in the world that we’re going into (provided we get there, of course).

It’s most chilling for a host of obvious reasons, as well as a personal one to me, in that it reflects my own sentiment 100%, which is all the more frightening because I’m a generation younger.  I can only imagine what must be going thru your mind in regards to your grand kids…

This world that we’re plunging into was vividly illustrated to me 2 days ago when a person in front of me at the register paid for an 80 cent candy bar with plastic. For some reason, everything you write about came into place when I saw that and my heart sank to below the bottom of the ocean.

“They” say there’s only 10% of the population that’s needed to change things around, and I wonder what you make of that. Have we already crossed the Rubicon? Are we past the point of no return?

I agree 100% with you that we must first crash and burn and that only then might there be a chance for postitive change.  This is just a reflection of the human condition. I liken it to Hitler’s retreat from Russia — and his Scorched Earth policy.  This is exactly what the burocraps & bankster are doing today. It cannot be any other way, for that would contradict human nature.

You’ve pointed out that we only have 2 more 8.6 cycles before we get to 2033.95 — is it possible that the “crash and burn” will take that long? Then what? Freedom or Fascism? [or, as the late Aaron Russo put it, “America – Freedom to Fascism”]

Your movie is fantastic and while I don’t mean to pee on anyone’s parade, I wonder if it’s “too little, too late”.  I see it in my own community, with my relatives, etc.  Most people won’t wake up unless and until a calamity is squarely upon them.  Most are reactive. The leaders among us are proactive. Maybe it’s that 10% of the population…  I hope my pessimism is unfounded and that I’m actually 100% wrong about what I see coming down the road…

Rest assured I’ll keep doing my part — the restless hands of time are ticking like clockwork….

All the best,


ANSWER: We all need to be vigilant. This is no time for petty nonsense. We all have to stand up and do our part. This seems to be a quote people will remember for this is what I told the judge.