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The Rumors of My Death Have Been Greatly Exaggerated

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Dear Martin:
I hope you are doing well. In the movie of James Bond, named “Quantum of Solace”, (filmed in some areas of the Chilean desert), the Bolivian and corrupt general requested his money in Euros, because “the U.S. dollar is NOT the same than before!”.
Many asset managers, private investors, men and women around the world, proclaimed the death of the U.S. dollar, too soon!. What are they thinking, now?.
I look forward to hearing from you as soon of possible.
Kind regards,

ANSWER: Yes. This is how markets move. The overwhelming view was that Europe would displace the dollar and the British pound would collapse in the shadow of the euro. I was in fact called into one of the top 10 companies in Europe who was convinced of that fact that they shorted their future sales in the Britain out for 5 years. They lost $1 billion before my phone rang. When everyone is on one side, the opposite always happens.

So many people are now touting our turning point as a coming economic earthquake. Of course, the vast majority pretend it is their turning point. This is really interesting for what they are forecasting is an assumption based upon past events. This time it is government and you can bet things will not work out the way the majority assumes. That is why the World Economic Conference sold out in the States, because this time it will be much different.

We strongly suggest that people sign up for the World Economic Conference in Berlin, where we can increase the venue size to accommodate more attendees. In the States, we already have the largest room available and cannot expand it further. Non-Europeans will be exempt from the tax. If you have any question regarding the WEC, please contact us at [email protected].