The Rise of a Third Party or Transcendence to a New Political Era?

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Question about the post. So the rise of Donald trump and Ben Carson within the Republican Party is parallel to a rise in a third party? Even if they someone won a would be a republican? I would say it’s just as good especially trump not being beholden to special interests. I would liken it to the tea party still technically repub but def another Wing.



ANSWER: The previous historic peaks in third party activity reflected the anti-establishment vote — the throw the bums out attitude. That is manifesting right now inside both parties, which is very interesting. Hillary is losing ground to the anti-system candidate Bernie Sanders, while the two lead Republican candidates, Trump and Carson, are also non-politicians.

The computer is forecasting this trend. Whether this remains within the party establishment or breaks out to a third party over the next year will be interesting to watch. Bush collapsing to just 5%, the same level as Rand Paul, shows that the establishment country club Republicans may lose control. The press is fighting hard to help the establishment for they do not want to see change either.

There could be a real revolution inside the parties. Historically, this has been a split. The Democratic-Republican Party split for the Civil War, making Lincoln the FIRST Republican president. So that was a “third party” movement so to speak. Then there was the split of the Republicans into the Teddy Roosevelt socialists called the Progressive Party. That did not last, but the Democrats adopted those concepts when FDR took the election in 1932.


So does this have to manifest within an actual third party candidate? No. It is the public sentiment that is the moving force. How that unfolds could be a complete revolution inside the parties where they begin to make a transcendence to the younger generation. This is fascinating. Trump is bringing in new people who have never voted before. That drives a spike directly in the heart of the Boehner crowd. The sooner we get rid of him, the better off the future will be. If Hillary or Bush take the reins of power, it will absolutely be business as usual, and they will come hunting for every penny you have ever earned to sustain their power like vampires sucking the life-blood out of the economy.