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The Insanity Continues

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Hortons no cash

COMMENT #1: It has started. No cash accepted.

If the government decides the whole nation needs to be tested for the virus. Will they then have the DNA of every US citizen? Is that a potential benefit created by this Corona panic?

ANSWER: Yes. The same test could also be retained for DNA.

QUESTION #3: How can conservatives like Mike Adams of Natural News be full on pandemic shut the entire world down mentality? And anyone who doesn’t agree is stupid – his words! It seems very clear what is happening but very few seem to realize it. Thanks for being the voice of reason. Very frightening times we find ourselves in.

ANSWER: They are clueless as to the economic impact. You do not kill the patient to cure the disease.


QUESTION #4: Hi Marty — at 8 am Eastern I divided the Gold Continuous Futures Contract price by the silver and got a ratio of 127.3!!!!!
Even looking at the Socrates Gold Silver Ratio it was scraping 120 yesterday.
The shoot-up since December is absolutely insane on a historical level, as is the ratio itself , as I understand.
Have purchased your Gold Reports since 2014 Version where the ratio has been an important element of long term price.
I appreciate that we are in unusual times right now.

I think many of your customers, benefactors and followers are, like me, curious to hear your input on this ratio at the moment.

We do understand you are busy, so just something to keep in mind.



ANSWER: The reason I have been skeptical about the gold rally breaking out is because of the ratio. We need to get that in alignment. I will update that on the private blog.


Even in Thailand, they have shut down all nightclubs and bars. Nobody can work and they do not have unemployment. You are looking at a massive global depression with the rise that a lot more people will starve to death before they ever get this virus.