The Great Unwashed Are Getting Angry

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COMMENT:  Hi Marty,

Well, if the establishment in collusion with the MSM continues to pull dirty tricks and deny Trump the nomination or ultimately the election, we are in for very serious trouble in this country. Their other weapon is assassination.
The “great unwashed” is totally fed up with the corruption. It is going to be one hell of a year…and with the building political intensity that you can already “feel” 2017 indeed seems to be as you call it “the political year from hell.”

We are living in very interesting times.


REPLY: Yes, I agree. The computer has been forecasting this target for about 30 years. It is amazing to watch how this unfolds according to its forecast. No individual could have done such a job. I think this demonstrates that the future is predetermined to the extent that humanity never changes. It is merely a question of time and how long it takes trends to unfold, but they always do.

It is becoming very scary to see how the establishment is now moving to defeat whatever the public stands for if in the USA being Trump or in Europe elections to exit the EU. They respond the same way against we, the “great unwashed.” In their view, we are too stupid to understand what is good for us – or is it THEM?

It looks like a vote for Trump is becoming the only protest vote against the corruption that is destroying our future. They are really playing a high-stakes winner takes all game.