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The Future & 2015.75

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QUESTION: Mr. Armstrong, a friend introduced me to your site. He said you are the source and everyone, even the most famous, seem to reshape their forecasts to mimic you in one way or another. Some have the audacity to pretend they have their own models with dates just a few days either way to claim the world will undergo a major crash. You do not portray it that way and you seem to be a bit more guarded. My friend said you have become more cautious because so many people mimic what you and your computer forecast. Will you reveal what will really happen?

ANSWER: Your friend must be a long-term reader. True, I think we need to be on guard because it is getting out of hand. My concern is they will discredit what is taking place because they all just want to sell something and will ruin our chance to take one step forward for society. This is the BEGINNING of a major change in trend rather than the END. Yes, you say “crash” and everyone assumes you mean stocks. What happens when government crashes?

Things will not play out as many people are assuming. This shift comes around perhaps once every 300 years, so without an extensive database, it is impossible to see what is even possible other than pure speculation. This will not be the typical event. We have a collapse in liquidity and a rise in regulation that is far from stable. Every action government takes has played a role in what is coming.

It would not be fair to our conference attendees to blurt out what is unfolding. That information will be primarily for our attendees. We will be laying out the coming new age in a written report and discussion that will be within the Socrates platform.

What I will say is this: the immediate target 2015.75 happens to be very critical. In fact, the target date is the birth of a whole new wave of capitalism that began in 1706. The British might recognize that date as two major events were set in motion. This began the movement toward creating the United Kingdom with the merger of England and Scotland following the defeat of the French on May 23, 1706 at the Battle of Ramillies where the English, Dutch, German, Swiss, and Scottish troops led by John Churchill, 1st Duke of Marlborough, joined forced. That led to July 22, the Treaty of Union between Scotland and England in London for ratification by the national legislatures. Then on September 7, 1706, the War of Spanish Succession began with the Battle of Turin where the forces of Austria and Savoy defeated the French.

The second major event was when the English Parliament established the first turnpike trusts, which began road construction under the privatization and the control of trustees drawn from local landowners and traders. The turnpike trusts borrowed capital for the road maintenance using the security of future tolls to be collected. For the next 150 years, this became the common method to build infrastructure based upon private investment rather than taxation.

If we flip back 309.6 years before 1706, we come to the birth of capitalism when the Black Plague wiped out about half the population, initiating a return to wages and the end of serfdom (not in Russia). So this is the third wave, and the rule of three is the reaction wave. This should be an interesting shift, which will not make things exactly normal. We will need Socrates to look at this whole mess objectively and without bias.