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The 86-Year Cycle is All Around Us

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COMMENT: Marty, you have done a fantastic job in teaching us to look and observe. I noticed your post on the monetary reform of Trajan in 107AD. You mention he demonetized all coinage prior to Nero’s debasement in 64AD. Wow, that was 43 years or half your 86 year monetary crisis cycle. When you look, it is like the movie Matrix. Suddenly you see the code everywhere around you.

Amazing research. I can see why they wanted to silence you.

Thanks so much


Romane Imperial Debasement

REPLY: Excellent. It is all around us if you just let go of the prejudice and see the world as it truly is. Cycles are how energy flows, from sound and light to the cycles in your heart, no less your brain waves. It is stunning how petty people are who try to find fault (typically in relation to gold) just so they can be right. They are so blind that they fail to grasp that this is about understanding our environment, not whether gold peaks one week or the next. They have no interest in comprehending anything. Others are married to political philosophies and are so entrenched they deserve what they get. For the rest of us, the pursuit of knowledge is a journey that never ends. As they say, when there is nothing left to learn, it is time to die.

Rome Collapse 86 Years