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Socrates & Trading

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Hi Mr.  Armstrong,
What it exactly means  when Socrates  says  :  ” on the Weekly level we are currently with three short positions”   OR  ”  we are long  one position “.
Why  ” ONE  ”  , ” TWO ”  etc.  positions whether long or short.  What are their significance?
I will very much appreciate if you post a blog explaining these.
Thank you.

ANSWER: The trading model in this context is set to speculation and will trade on every level of the Reversals, which have four levels in total. It takes one position per buy or sell on the close of that session. In the speculative mode, it will continue to add positions with each reversal until one is elected in the opposite direction. The trader level of our service will have the hypothetical track record back to inception of whatever instrument.

We will eventually set this to the desired trading level of activity so users can tailor it to their desired trading activity profile. Effectively, when set to all modes it will trade on each and every reversal, or you can set it to the least active. Each level will produce a different result.