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Socrates & the General Public

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Hello, I am one of the little people surviving on the minimum wage in the UK whilst raising my children to be responsible human beings and hopefully contribute to a better world.

Thank you for your blog and your valuable insights, you have quite a following from those who have no financial interests and can only dream of having savings. Through your site you are showing a lot of young people how the world really works.

Will there be a place for us when Socrates goes live?

Thank you for all the work you and your team do and good luck for the future.


ANSWER: Absolutely. The basic investor level of service will begin at just $100 a year and is geared toward the average person who wishes to have access to the overall trend. With politicians lying, bogus economic statistics, and the world plagued by people offering advice that is anything but free from conflict, the entire object of this project is to eliminate human bias and emotion and just call the shots without the nonsense. It is my personal goal to help society make that transition to a new era one step forward rather than falling back into total chaos and having to do that control-alt-delete reboot. If this is accomplished, then it is a success.

Personally, people love to hate and tear down others because of jealousy. There are people who really hate my guts over gold because they have been wrong but prefer to blame me. These are exactly the type of people who keep society stuck in the mud. They are incapable of approaching anything objectively and refuse to yield or learn from history, no less their own mistakes. These are the type of people who prevent society from advancing and we are thus condemned to repeat history over and over again. They offer no hope for society moving forward.

Trading has been like an ATM machine for me. I have never needed money and have been fortunate enough to spend on this project in a manner that no one else would really do because they are all too interested on some guaranteed rate of return instantly. This has been a gift to me, so where Trump can afford to run without asking for anything and ensuring he is not beholding to an army of special groups, I have been able to create a project that nobody else would fund as well. It is an advantage of not being for sale to the highest bidder like Hillary.