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Question Your Change to Speak

Here in Finland the biggest bank Osuuspankki has begun to deny access to deposit boxes. — The customer must have a “valid reason” to visit the box.


COMMENT #2: There is panic buying of food in China. This is after the virus. (see: Panic-Buying Erupts Across China, Prompting Food Shortage Concerns)


QUESTION #3: Are the Democrats deliberately trying to destroy jobs just to win the election? Blocking small business loans seems to be all about just trying to hurt Trump.


COMMENT #4: The relief offered by the Democrats will not pay people’s expenses for even one month. Trump wants to reduce the payroll tax and the democrats object. It is looking more to be a political crisis than a medical one.

COMMENT #5: The world economy is collapsing at breathtaking speed. I do not know how Socrates does it, but a decline of 20% of world GDP will lead to war. The Germans turned to Hitler. Your warning of a pending authoritarian era is in your face correct but the vast majority never see it.

COMMENT #6: When does Socrates foresee the final collapse of the Left? I hope that it will be soon, because our society and economy can’t handle much more of this Socialist nonsense and foolishness. Their lunatic policies in regards to Covid-19, the environment, taxation, the economy, gender issues etc. etc. have destroyed our society, our economy, our social structure, our morality, our creative spirits, and our entrepreneurial flair.
So, after all of this destruction at their hands, when should we expect to see the much-awaited demise of the Left (i.e. Socialism)?

COMMENT #7: I just went to a Walgreens pharmacy and they will not let you in without a mask–no mask no entry. Society just broke down and like you said there is no going back

Everyone is brainwashed!

COMMENT #8: Marty,
I’ve been following you and your blog since late 90’s. It’s your fault that they have used the Coronavirus to advance their agenda instead of Climate change. They realized that you were correct about your writings on the relationship of the solar minimums, volcanic activity and climate change. Knowing that cooling was going to happen (not warming) they had to switch gears and use some other BS to advance their leftist totalitarian agenda. So it’s your fault. LOL.
Keep up the great work and thank you for helping us all understand how the world really works, seeing all the connections and helping to see the big picture.
You will someday (I already do) be regarded as our era’s “Adam Smith”.
I know you may not like that recognition, but your insatiable curiosity of what makes things tick has made you become not only a great economist but also a great scientist, philosopher, psychologist and historian; a true Renaissance person.
Thank you from the bottom of my heart. You saved me from the Goldbugs.


QUESTION #9:  Marty, you mentioned a couple of times in the past that you could see yourself moving to Australia if things turn sour in the U.S. Living in Europe, that was always my medium-term plan, too. It’s a beautiful country with great people. However, in recent years, politics in the country has taken a turn for the worse. Are you still hoping for Australia as an escape route? If not, what are the countries to keep in mind? Beyond China, I mean.


ANSWER: Australia and New Zealand have turned so far to the left, they no longer offer an alternative.

COMMENT #10: Well, they have transformed drive-by shootings into drive-by waves. They have separated families and the best you can do is drive-by to wish them a happy Easter from inside your car.


COMMENT #11: They have used this to wipe out religion. You can’t even go to mass when gatherings are prohibited by a democratic governor.


COMMENT #12: Marty,

Ok so we are at a funeral here in Pennsylvania for my wife’s aunt. What would “normally” be a traditional Christian viewing and burial, has been turned into a fearful, keep your distance event. There was no traditional Mass at the church or viewing at a funeral home. We had to pull up next to the burial site and remain in our vehicles. Only 3 at a time were allowed to go to see the dearly departed in the open casket for a brief moment before being rushed back to their vehicles. The priest then arrived and is giving the ceremony with only the children and grandchildren allowed out of their vehicles around the casket but at a distance, the rest have to remain in their vehicles and listen with windows open. Many that did have the guts to show up came wearing masks and gloves. Just unreal to see with my own eyes.

Now I know this isn’t the only part of civilization being attacked but it is fundamental to humanity. When people can’t pay their respects to their dearly departed and give their relatives condolences with hugs and kisses, cry and laugh together in a group for fear of being accused by others, there is a serious shift underway. The attack on the foundation of what was, is astounding. The traditions that made this civilization and nation great are under assault.

It doesn’t surprise me this is happening. It doesn’t surprise me the attacks that are going on and the power play that is underway. I knew this was coming and more. I have actually been awaiting it. What does disappoint me though, is the complete lack of common sense by all the people all over the world. The lack of a fight, no struggle. Obedience. Consent by ACQUIESCENCE. Thought maybe there were more alpha males with some balls left to fight. I guess we’ll see.