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New Polls Show That 75% of Americans See Politicians as Corrupt; 2-to-1 Now Distrust the Police

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Martin, First, I want to thank you for all that you do to educate and enlighten — you are living proof that excellence cannot be held down. I just finished speaking with my neighbor whose son was employed with the local police department and was someone for whom I provided a reference. I just learned he was recently fired for “ambiguity”. Essentially, and per comments from his peer-policeman at both City and County level, he failed to meet his ticket and confiscation quotas. I know my neighbor’s son well — prior to his tenure as a policeman, he helped me tame the 10 acres I live upon: he did his work with honor, intelligence and value. While its obvious we’re being hunted for money, its very disturbing to see it happening at such a granular level — certainly nothing you haven’t warned us about. Thank you again for all you do to help humanity move forward. I look forward to seeing you in Princeton this November.

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REPLY: Recent polls show that 75% of Americans now distrust the police. They are becoming nasty, greedy, and view the public as the enemy. The days of helping people are just gone. Municipal governments are dead broke and they have converted the police to hunt down money everywhere.  USA TODAY/Pew Research Center Poll found Americans by 2-to-1 say police departments nationwide don’t do a good job at holding officers accountable for misconduct. Meanwhile, polls show that 75% of Americans believe politicians are just as corrupt.