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Observation from Finland

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Hey Martin.

I really appreciate what you are doing for everybody by writing your blog.

I make sure that I never miss anything that you write. I’m reading and learning everything I can about trading and I can’t wait for the Socrates launch.

You are so right about the bankrupt governments chasing taxes everywhere. Here in Finland people used to retire to Portugal for they didn’t have to pay any taxes from private sector retirement.

Now our finance minister have announced that he will renegotiate our tax treaty with Portugal or simply terminate the old one so that they can tax everything and everybody, everywhere.

They are also doubling and in some cases tripling the fines for speeding and everything.

This feels so corrupt that I am sure that the people won’t take it quietly.

Keep up the great work


REPLY: Thank you. This trend is sickening, yet it is absolutely everywhere. This is how society implodes. Governments ALWAYS, and without exception, turn against their own people. That is the inspiration behind revolution and war. Finland has just tripled the number of military reservists that they called up for refresher training courses. The numbers have swelled from 6,000 last year to 18,000 this year. The response appears to be with growing tensions between Moscow and Helsinki, since Finland shares a 1,340-kilometer (830 mile) border with Russia.

In the Ukraine, the government needs war. They use that as the excuse as to why they will not reform according to the demands of the people. They say the people will get what they demand only AFTER they win the war. That’s why there was the Hundred Year War. Government had no right to TAX the people, except during periods of war for national defense. The solution – always remain at war to produce taxes.