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Obfuscating Analysis

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COMMENT #1: I have watched the plagiarism going on around your work where people are clearly stealing everything from you and then claiming to have the same track record and then trying to cover it up claiming they use Dewey and Kondratiff yet attempt to come up with a specific date as your model provides. Nothing happened on October 7th compared to September 30th. It must be very disheartening to see such scams around your work when you are trying to help society and they are trying to pick everyone’s pocket. Keep your chin up. There are many of us who are not so blind.



Mr. Armstrong,

Thank you for providing this blog for free. It is a must read for me. I came across a prediction by another analyst that appears to be close to identical to what you have said. From the collapse of Europe to Japan and finally the US and the possible slingshot move in the Dow. He claims that he uses cycle analysis (Kondratieff and Kitchin waves, Dewey cycle.) to come to these conclusions. How do these methods tie in to what you have been predicting? I know other analysts take your work and call it their own. Your model has already shown an amazing track record of accuracy.



REPLY: Yes. There are hundreds of emails coming in about this issue. It does leave a very bad taste in my mouth and there are times when it makes me just want to say screw it and retire to the beach. These people are so greedy and contribute nothing while discrediting any effort to help society. You cannot possibly have the same track record using those models. It is impossible. To reach such conclusions requires a database and capital flow analysis. You cannot reach this forecast with cyclical analysis on each thing individually. The capital flows set the tone, not cycles individually on each market. Where did they get the data to show how such events unfold?