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Change Never Comes Without the Pain

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Mr. Armstrong, I can talk till I’m blue in the face and it just does not matter! I say to people they are going to ban cash because of taxes and cash is not traceable, try as I might 1 out of 50 people see it. What a shame. I agree when you say that someone tells you that they are going to punch you in the face that most people will just stand there and do nothing. Therefore I have no sympathy for stupidity or ignorance!

God help us,


P.S. I’m going to punch you in the face in 5…4…3…2…



You cannot do anything to change the minds of the majority. This oddly enough is the very reason a crisis will take place. Tangible money is the Stone Age barter – Welcome to the new age of electronic money. Cash is slowly vanishing and the majority of people only see the world in a straight line. They are not capable of observing two things at once. Once I realized this was the fate of the majority, it became clear that it was pointless to try to work on Capitol Hill to save anything. Protesting does not change the majority. Change never comes without the pain. Those who inspire change are than hated by those who cling to old beliefs, refusing to accept change.

I have resolved myself to making aware those who think dynamically. We are the minority, but we are the movers and shakers. We are the “C” students for whom the rest must follow in the end. The majority is trapped in their own minds, unable to escape, for they will not look at the world without colored glasses. They only see what they want to see, and with this myopic view, they will make the cycle function.

This is similar to anyone who is really a promoter rather than an analyst, for they are biased and unable to see outside their bubble. I distinguish between the two very easily. The promoter only says “Buy” and never “Sell”.  Today, there are the “Gold Promoters”, we had the “ Promoters” going into 2000 and of course back during the Great Depression. There are also “Stock Promoters” who took the same nonsense, average in. Such people, assuming they are not intentionally a fraud, are trapped in their own minds. They are far too prejudiced to listen or to consider what they have been doing wrong.

Such is life. Look at it this way. We need someone on the opposite side to trade against. That is what makes the cycle function – the majority must be wrong at the top and bottom. So save your breath. When the economy turns, only then will they listen.

I am off on a six week European tour because they feel the pain. I am speaking from Amsterdam, Brussels, Warsaw, Berlin, Frankfurt, Bologna, Budapest, Barcelona, Dresden, Tubingen, Stuttgart, and Paris and the requests are still coming in. I will be lecturing on the solution at three Universities. This is all at their request. You cannot get change without the pain. So be patient. They will come.