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Believing in Nonsense

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Global Warming

QUESTION: How can you refute all the evidence that there is global warming and climate change caused by man?

ANSWER: First, you should not be reading this blog for you obviously believe in government propaganda no matter what the field has put out by the academic community. Global warming is on par with Marxism and thinking that handing all power to government will prevent recessions.

Even in economics, I was told to be a good boy and put out studies with predetermined conclusions. If I complied, I would make millions per year for every bill passed by government requires a bogus economic study. Some academics are independent free thinkers, such as Milton Friedman. Those willing to buck government whom are not on the gravy train of government subsidies are the minority. The same is true with this nonsense that man is entirely behind climate change, as natural cyclical forces, such as the energy output of the sun, are not even considered.

If you accept the idea that global warming/climate change is caused entirely by man, please stop reading this blog, for you will also believe whatever government tells you with their equally bogus economic statistics. You are not going to make it to the other side.

The entire theory of man causing climate change is nonsense as if it were something created since the 1920s with absolutely no study whatsoever on the cyclical nature of the climate pre-1920. These bogus corrupt “scientists” (using the word very loosely since they sell out to the highest bidder) do not demonstrate ANYTHING historically, yet you try to put the burden on me to prove a bogus theory is wrong. You begin with accepting whatever they say is true and then demand I prove a negative is negative. These bought and paid for “scientists” have not provided a documented study for thousands of years and they keep manipulating the data to try to pretend they are right when ALL independent research demonstrates they are dead wrong. The North Pole moves, yet their stations are fixed, and they declare it is getting warmer because the pole moved further away. The North Pole is moving to Russia. There is even evidence that the poles flip on Earth just as they do on the sun. Sun poles flip north to south about every 11 years, but on Earth, the pole flips are measure in hundreds of thousands of years, so we are overdue.

The entire theory of greenhouse gases is based upon an assumption that temperature throughout the troposphere would be constant if not for human activity. If they were financial analysts, they would conclude after a three-year bull market that stocks only go up, or like the gold promoters who claim every rally is real and declines are manipulations for they can see only one side. The corrupt pretend scientists assume that carbon dioxide and methane raise the surface temperature of the planet because they assume that temperature would be the same at all levels in the troposphere if there were no greenhouse gases. Of course, they have no data to prove that such a perfect state of equal temperatures ever existed. They are so off the planet, demonstrating that they completely fail to comprehend how a dynamic system works.

So sorry. The burden is yours, not mine. Show me a study that proves these theories for thousands of years. Then and only then is it even worth discussing.

These people flew a plane over the South Pole and said, “OMG, there is a hole in the ozone so we must have caused it!” They are clueless for saying that there was never a hole before. It is just amazing. They have put forth NOTHING to prove their theory before 1900 and attribute everything to human activity. Sure, we do not want to be in a city where you cannot breathe. London used to be that way in the 1980s, but it has been cleaned up as buses where the main culprit.

Now that cars are more efficient and electric cars are starting to take over, states are looking to switch to taxing people per mile driven because revenue has declined from gasoline. Even government realizes the peak in fossil fuel is past us and contributes to why oil has entered a new phase. All the data from satellites proves that temperatures have been declining for almost the past two decades, but academics get checks from government for studies. The last economist who told a government they were wrong after taking the head job to draft the business plan was Kondratieff. If you do not put out studies that say what government wants to hear, you will not get paid. That is the simple fact, and it is the same in every field.