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Answering Questions

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Curiousity Question

QUESTION #1: Martin, I cannot believe the stuff you do. Truly amazing. I’ve got two questions, should you have any time:
1] if Coronagate is real, do you have any idea who is pulling the strings and why?
2] have you ever wondered why pi features so heavily in your cycles?
I don’t know how you do it,

QUESTION #2: It is obvious that any service which has been bullish on gold will never mention you. I use to read __ and thought they were real. I notice they are always bullish gold and will not quote you. That is true of all the gold bugs. It looks like fake news is its own contagion.


COMMENT #3: Marty, you should republish the fact that you turned down $500 million for Socrates to shut up the naysayers.


COMMENT #4: Martin I work in a government organization. I had the opportunity today to engage with our emergency operations center. While in conversation it dawned on me administrators have handed counsel over to our OEM team who are credentialed emergency operations personnel.

The credential of emergency management was created in colleges and universities after 9-11. These folks have these degrees and have been waiting almost 20 years for something to do. Now word got out about this flu-bug and now these OEM ‘professionals’ are running around like roided out professional wrestlers…

They seem to be playing a game of one-up-manship with each other over who can be the most alarmist. Since they are OEM credentialed professionals, politicians listen to them since they are the experts. The number of impractical and unsustainable actions we are being asked to do to protect ourselves from the virus and each other is ponderous…

Its unfortunate emergency management has been taken from first responder types and put in the hands of college-educated professional emergency responder bureaucrats


ANSWER: I have not seen any credible evidence that this is a manufactured virus. About 14% of viruses are corona each year. I have spoken with several real researchers and they all disagree with the claims of some manufactured biological weapon (see review). I think this is just a combinations of over-zealous people who come up with theories of contagions who have direct access to the government like the climate change people, then the press accepts their version and attacks any politician if they disagree.

As far as the pro goldbug news, they are clearly engaging also in fake news. They do not report fairly but its always the same thing. They cannot get beyond the Quantity of Money theory and are trapped in the old school of thinking. No matter how many times they are wrong, they just blamed some conspiracy. Like politicians, they avoid mirrors.

As far as why the Pi influence exists, it is just the perfect cycle.

As far as the OEM teams, it is the same as the military. They have all these weapons they view as toys and they just want to find an excuse to play with them.


Martin Armstrong Margaret Thatcher 1024x738


Look, I really do not care about those people. As Margaret Thacher once said to me, if she walked on top of the water across the Thames river, they would report that was only because she could not swim.

We are not blocked in China BECAUSE they know it is a computer that writes all the reports. We have been negotiating with a major Chinese institution that has hundreds of billions of clients. They want to provide all our research to their clicks on a per click basis. Even if you charged even $1 per click on every stock in Asia, and just 1 million people looked at one thing, that is $1 million per day. We are negotiating such projects in India and the Middle East.

The naysayers are the people who have been wrong. That is why they have to bad-mouth me to hide their failures based on antiquated theories. We have probably more clients than all of them combined and then some. People want UNBIASED analysis – not opinion.