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2017: The Year of Alignment?

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Dear Marty,

2011 was the intraday high in gold, but 2012 was the highest yearly closing. Add the 5 units of time bear market, that would potentially bring us with a low in 2017.

Likewise the Dow’s highest yearly closing was 2014. With a 3 units of time correction we end up with a possible 2017 low.

Is it possible that 2017 is in fact the year of global alignment in the markets, and what we are experiencing now is the False Move developing right in front of our eyes?


ANSWER: Yes. There is the risk of this extending sideways and 2016 becomes the staging ground in all markets into the first quarter of 2017. I have warned, for example, in gold that 2016 could produce the lowest yearly closing and 2017 could produce the intraday low. Gold held the 1044 number for the close of 2015, and that warned, as I stated, that gold was NOT as weak as it appeared. Markets are NOT random. Every subtle move is for a reason. To survive, we have to learn to pay attention. The market is ALWAYS right – only humans are wrong.

DJIND-Q FOR 2-8-2016

When we look at the Quarterly Forecast Array, this potential extension appears to be very real. If we get a low this quarter, then a rally into the next which FAILS to elect Quarterly Bullish Reversal, we must open our eyes to this scenario.  We must resign ourselves to the postponement of alignment into early 2017 with the wild times coming 2017 to 2020. This will also coincide with the War Cycle, Social Security going negative, and political elections that will overturn government as we have known it in Europe and possibly in the USA.

We are preparing the 2016 Reports on gold, stock markets, and interest rates. These will be extremely important reports for they deal with this reality and lay out the markets for us to follow.