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Status Update on Socrates

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Beyond AI

QUESTION:  I am writing again to find out when and if the “Trader Level platform” will ever be released to the average follower and subscriber of the “Investor” platform. If I was a cynical individual, I would think its only reserved for those of wealth with the ability to attend the WEC conferences to get access. I hope the release is coming to the rest of us soon, not this quarter or next month as I have been told since I started inquiring.

Still waiting patiently,


REPLY: I believe we will be releasing the trader in the first quarter. The delay has NOT BEEN the programming. It has been the banks. Many seemed to refuse to allow clients to pay using credit cards claiming this does not fit neatly into their business model. If I assume this is not a conspiracy of actually trying to prevent the launch of this system, then it really is about incompetence and being too far ahead of the cutting edge. They just have never heard of a computer that actually writes the reports of everything in the world.

The people who attended the WEC simply were given access and did not have to pay per click so no credit cards were involved. Some banks are put off by the global client bases we have spanning every country and they do not know who they all are. There is no other computer that does this and we may have the most diverse client base of anything they have seen before. Nobody seems to know what to make of this. We are in the process of setting up systems. However, this has been frustrating to say the least. Hopefully, we have the green light at last. Nevertheless, I concede, at times it has appeared to be a deliberate effort to prevent this system from launching globally.

Dow Jones Report – Investor Level

We should see a trend change come this month in Dow Jones Industrials so pay attention to events ahead. Last month produced a low at 1788356 and so far we have exceeded last month’s high. We now need to close above 1922529 at month-end to imply a technical reversal of trend to the upside for now. As of the close of Fri. Dec. 16, 2016, the market is immediately in a bearish posture near-term for now on the daily level warning caution should be taken yet this market is still trading above the November high. Dow Jones Industrials closed today at 1984341 and is trading up about 13% for the year from last year’s closing of 1742503. Thus far, we have been trading down for the past 2 days, but this has been an inside trading session warning caution following the high established Wed. Dec. 14, 2016.

On the weekly level, the last important high was established the week of December 12th at 1996643, which was up 6 weeks from the low made back during the week of October 31st. We have been generally trading up since that low, which has been a significant move of 11% percent in a stark panic type advance. The broader perspective, this current rally into the week of December 12th has exceeded the previous high of 1844988 made back during the week of September 19th. We have seen a rally so far from the last low at 1788356 made the week of October 31st, and only a break of that low would signal a technical reversal of fortune. Otherwise, the market remains strong at this time. Right now, the market is above momentum on our weekly models hinting this is still bullish for now as well as trend, long-term trend, and cyclical strength. Looking at this from a wider perspective, this market has been trading up for the past 13 weeks overall. Interestingly, the Dow Jones Industrials has been in a bullish phase for the past 15 months since the low established back in August 2015.

The market is trading sharply some 8.13% percent above the last high 1835136 from which we did originally obtain two sell signals from that event established during May 2015. Long-Term critical support still underlies this market at 1561754 and only a break of that level on a monthly closing basis would warn of a break of the current uptrend. From the May 2015, this market declined into a low during August 2015 at 1537033. Right now, the market has rallied from that low and is breaking out to the upside. At this time, the market is holding and is trading above last month’s high as well. From the low of August 2015, we have elected four buy signals. This warns that the trend is robust moving forward.

Manifestly, my longstanding view projection recognizes that the current directional movement since the low made back in August 2015 has been a long-term Bullish trend in Dow Jones Industrials which remains in motion as long as we hold above 1601364 on a monthly closing basis. It is incredibly important to identify the broader trend for that is the underlying tone. It is wise to take position counter-trend only with this understanding of what you are doing.

Consequently, this has been a 7 year rally in motion since 2009. This puts us on notice that it now becomes imperative to exceed this year’s high next year to keep the upward momentum moving in place. A lower closing at year end would warn the caution bell for a near-term correction.

Searching the immediate trend remains bullish since November made new highs and we have exceeded that high so far this month. This is further illustrated given the fact that last month also closed higher. To date, the market has exceeded last year’s high of 1835136. In order to maintain an upward advance, we need to close above last year’s high at year end. On the weekly level, last month was an outside reversal to the upside which is implying we have a bullish bias currently. Currently, this market remains in an uptrend posture on all our indicators looking at the weekly level. We see here the trend has been moving up for the past 6 weeks. The last weekly level low was 1788356, which formed during the week of October 31st. The last high on the weekly level was 1996643, which was created during the week of December 12th. On a broader perspective, this market remains in an uptrend posture on all our indicators looking at the monthly level. We see here the trend has been moving up for the past 15 months. The last monthly level low was 1537033, which formed during August 2015, 2015. The last high on the monthly level was 1922529, which was created during November.