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Socrates Waiting List

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Every day we add another group of people to the Investor level platform, which includes pattern recognition models, pricing charts on all timing levels, and a verbal summary of the long-term trend. However, the Investor level does not include forecast arrays, reversals, or analyses on short-term trends, as they will be exclusively available on our Trader level platform. World Economic Conference attendees will receive an exclusive 10-day sneak peak of the Trader level of service at the beginning of January before it is released to the general public.

We anticipate that the Investor level will handle millions of people around the world in all markets and contexts. The response has been huge; the first day alone created a list of over 4,000 requests and counting. We are adding people regularly to ensure the servers can handle the load. Keep in mind that this system covers the world. So far, we have included only the S&P 500 stocks in addition to global markets. We will add all stocks in China, Japan, Europe, Russia, Middle East, etc.

For a computer to analyze so many markets and economic statistics and articulate them to write commentary and correlate the world is by no means a simple task. This project would take tens of thousands of analysts from around the world to accomplish, assuming they are not influenced by personal biases or having a bad hair day.

We are still correcting some errors: things like cross-rates, which market should be the focus for bullish or bearish, making sure the decimal places are correct for calculations, etc. Then there are different trading days where some markets close Saturday and open Sunday trading six days a week.

This has been a lifetime project. It is something I wish to leave behind as my contribution to society. If government moved with the cycles, then we can help to reduce the volatility as with Joseph and the Pharaoh. Assuming that the business cycle is too complex to figure out so we should not try is self-defeating and prevents our progress as a society.

We anticipate that millions of people will use the Investor level platform, which will help society for it will provide proof that there is no random walk. The Trader level will not be as widely used since the total world of traders, I would estimate, is at the very most 500,000 people globally. Naturally, you will never get 100% of any group to agree — just look at politics.

If you would like to request an invitation to join the Investor level platform of Socrates, please visit Please note that it may take up to two weeks to receive your access invitation.