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Socrates to Launch by End of September

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We are on schedule for launching Socrates by the end of September. We are setting up the design right now and the dashboard for markets, so you will see the trend at a glance. This requires merging many different models, including the Global Market Watch, which defines the pattern recognition for each time level. Users can easily identify long-term bull and bear markets without having to read anything.

Everyone will be able to sign up directly through the Socrates site. We will also provide videos for you to watch to see what level would be best for you. You will see our famous maps for capital flows for each market around the world with respect to the capital flows into that particular sector and instrument from a global perspective.

This is a global tool. Users will be prompted at sign in to select their base currency for it is pointless to provide forecasting unless it reflects your home currency. Therefore, every instrument will be available to change the charts to reflect the picture from a host of different currency perspectives.

This is quite a different tool overall. This is why we were always the largest and had over $3 trillion under contract back when a trillion use to be real money — about 50% of the total U.S. national debt back then. We are looking to bring the same level of models to every market and share globally. So once you become familiar with how to use the model, you have the same consistent analysis on everything that moves without human interpretation, bias, or emotions.

Thank you for your patience. This is just Phase I. There will be at lot more coming in Phase II.

Please note that it is not possible to sign up for Socrates at this time. Once Socrates is up and running, interested users will have the ability to sign up directly through the Socrates site. Anyone who wishes to join Socrates will have the ability to do so. We are not maintaining a contact list at this time, but will continue to provide updates through our blog as they become available. Once Socrates is ready to launch, we will make a big announcement on our blog that will contain a link to sign up. Additionally, we will have a permanent link on our website that will redirect users to the Socrates site.