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Socrates & the Ability to Forecast the Whole

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March 3 2020

COMMENT: Mr. Armstrong; I find it intellectually dishonest why the mainstream media refuses to cover your forecasts and others plagiarize you when Socrates has been the biggest breakthrough perhaps in human history. I attended the Orlando WEC in 2019 and your forecasts on gold and the stock market were brilliant. When it came to this virus, you held your ground against all others and said this was not a biological weapon, and on March 9, you forecast the virus would top out in April and subside.

There is nothing out there and certainly, nobody has been able to forecast the world no less a single market. Even your letters to the President have an impact around the world. The Youtube post on that has shown your passion to help society.

My God man, you have been a voice in the wilderness we all should be promoting.

God bless;


REPLY: Thank you. As they say, a prophet is never accepted in his own time or his own country. I am not a prophet, just a programmer who had a vision and was trained by my international client base to see the world through everyone’s eyes. Perhaps the day will come after 2032 when I am gone and there is no more messenger to attack and hate they will at last look at the message. Of course, that does not help society right now.

Download: Armstrong Petition for Rehearing

On May 1st, the Supreme Court will decide if they will hear my case against the government. It is such a long-shot, but if they did, there might appear a crack in the brick wall that would allow some light perhaps to shine in on the corruption that has seized the government in New York which is far deeper than the swamp mentioned by Trump. It is an ocean. If you want to help, write letters to the Supreme Court in support of granting a hearing. That is the only way to perhaps make a move in the opposite direction and push back just for once.

SCT 2020