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Forecasting the world


Some have asked the question how long does it takes Socrates to analyze the entire world and write over 1,000 reports every day? The nice thing about Socrates is he does not get sick, drink too much the night before, or demand personal days. Here is just a clip showing just a small printout of the reports it writes and you can see how fast it writes reports on every level. It does the entire world in less than 30 minutes and that is writing all the reports – not just doing the analysis.



We have been the largest adviser in the world simply because we cover the entire world and it is NOT a personal opinion. Nobody covers the entire world. There are not enough analysts to go around. Moreover, every analyst has their own way of doing things. Socrates presents the same system globally so this is why major institutions use our firm for they do not have to learn every different methodology around the globe.