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Is a Slingshot Move Setting Up?

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CSHSP-Y 1-28-2016

We have penetrated last year’s low in the cash S&P500, but not in the Dow yet. The Yearly Bearish does not come into play until we get to the bottom of the upward channel. Penetrating last year’s low is indeed setting the stage for the Slingshot. Everything on our models is clearly pointing to this trend extending into 2020, and instead of concluding by 2017 that will be the starting point.

We NEED the vast majority to get really bearish calling for the end of the world and declines of 50% to 90%. This is the fuel for the Slingshot we need in place, just as we saw in 1987.

We will be launching a special blog for those inside Socrates. This will be more technical and forecasting. Hopefully, this will start next week. We will make an announcement once it is available.



There will be a blog for the INVESTOR that gives long-term views for various aspects. Access to the INVESTOR will be $150 minimum annually per region. You may select one or more of the following regions: America, Asia, and/or Europe. If you want to access a particular market at any time, that is $25 annually per market. If you just want to look around the world, it is $2 per click per market. That way, if you just want to see what is happening in Shanghai without subscribing annually to that market, you are free to explore the world. The INVESTOR level provides the long-term view only from the monthly up to the yearly levels. The computer writes the view on a daily basis, so yes, it will change dynamically with the market developments.


The TRADER level will be launching soon. That will include the short-term daily to yearly and provide access to arrays, reversals, and technical analysis. You can save to charts to view every time you return. This basic service starts at $750 annually.

Dow-Trades-M Example

The TRADER RECOMMENDATION level is where you have access to see the trading recommendations in every market. Where does Socrates stand? Long or short?

The INSTITUTIONAL service is geared toward big portfolio management. Here we get into asset allocation models with specific recommendations for shifting portfolios. This will monitor whatever you have in your portfolio and alert you to changes.


We will provide tablets with voice capability in and out four our Institutional level clients.


Socrates S&P 1-28-2016

We are still fixing minor bugs in the language, which is generated and ported. Keep in mind that the computer has to handle countless patterns of every market around the world. The number of possibilities for writing a report is off the charts. It will write a report and five minutes later it will be writing the same report on the same market; it will select different languages to express the same outcome. This is not some canned report filling in numbers. The computer actually articulates everything on its own.