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Site Developments – Issues & Thank You for Your Support

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We apologize that the site has gone down for brief periods. We are working on that issue.

The site has grown hugely from both an access and data perspective. We outsourced a company to revamp the site so the site will have an entirely new look very soon.

We are moving to automate downloads and introduce shopping carts. No worries: we will not sell your name, spam you with solicitations, nor bombard you with advertisements that you have to click just to see the page. We do not solicit you to buy things as trumped up investments or fill your mind with nonsense. We do not take money from behind the scenes from anyone. We offer only the real deal and prefer our clients to be the same.

We are even accepting applications for programmers familiar with natural language and machine learning techniques, as well as internal people to act as a Webmaster.

The Socrates sites are separate, but there too we are still in development porting over the system to function for global access by clients. Trader level access for those who attended the conferences will begin shortly. The Trader level will launch shortly after the preview. We will make an announcement once the Trader level is available.


We are also working on stand-alone tablets that will be fully voice activated for institutional clients.


We will also be introducing different levels of Asset Allocation models that work globally and differ according to objectives and currency.

We are stepping things up now and bringing in more staff to accelerate this process.


Thank you for your support!

We hope to go public by 2017, as promised.