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Cyber Attacks

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Norse Corp’s Live View of Cyber Attacks

The FBI testified that they want backdoors to all encryption. The problem with granting the government such access so that no one can have private data means that hackers will also find a way in. You cannot create exclusive access for anyone with backdoors. Government did just fine before technology; they act as if they cannot solve any crime without total access today. International commerce cannot be conducted without secure encryption. Of course, politicians are only concerned with grabbing more money. They will more likely than not destroy all commerce by creating access for the FBI and NSA.

You will be able to put your portfolio into our system for Socrates to monitor. However, unlike Bloomberg, Socrates is fully encrypted so no one, even in our organization, can view it. You alone will have the password key, and you will be able to change it. Therefore, no court will be able to order us to provide anything to the government whatsoever regarding those who want a portfolio watch.