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 Dear Martin,

My mother language is not English and my English is very poor (especially in oral).
How can you help me (and many of your followers in China) in the usage of voice version in Socrates.
Will you keep the wirtten format of Socrates and so that we can read and ask by the use of Google translation?
ThanksYour follower

ANSWER: Access will be available by writing as well. We are also working on speech in all main languages not just English. The Blog will soon be translated into Chinese on a daily basis but for now the PEI Chinese site is up and running. We have staff there in China on the ground working on this project.

We are committed to the global community, not just the United States. Our view is there may be differences between governments, but the people are the same everywhere. This is a fundamental principle to us. We are all in this together and while we face some doom and gloom in the creative destruction process, society will be reborn and what that will look like depends upon our chance of understanding we are all really connected. So we will not leave anyone behind.