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The Ability to Filter Which Stocks to Invest In

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QUESTION: Thank you for all your work. I was fortunate to be introduced to you in 1986 by a senior broker while I was working at Drexel, Burnham . Your work saved me, my clients from the ’87 crash.
My question: with Socrates forecast of a shift to China as the new financial power, would it not be worthwhile to begin to identify Chinese companies to invest in that will prosper in the longer term. I recognize that timing of when to establish positions is critical. Thank you.

ANSWER: We have put all the Chinese stocks on the site since we do have offices there. I have made an effort to bring Socrates into China and our forecasting is available throughout China, which is rare. The government is well aware that our services are written by a computer so they do not have to worry that in paragraph three some line may go against their government.

What we will be introducing next year are filters where the computer will create lists of things that have just elected a reversal on different levels and reflect the gaps to provide a good idea of the next move.

We should have a lot more interesting tools available next year where you can make inquiries like that and the computer will respond. As I have said, my goal is to replace me. I have been coding all my personal experiences as a trader over the years and teaching the computer how I analyze things. At the same time, I have been teaching it how to do the research on its own to enable it to teach me new relationships as they are emerging.

We may be able to accomplish where it can speak to you, but it is a major effort to get it to listen to you over the internet. We have had some people proposing a partnership where someone can develop a stand-alone program that resides on your system (app). This would allow you to talk to Socrates and it will retrieve the information you need.

When that is finished, then we will consider the IPO to keep this going after my expiration date arrives. I hope that one day politics will understand that there are cycles, and if we live in harmony with them instead of fighting them, just maybe we can improve society for all. Like the global warming nonsense which all based upon linear assumptions, politics is also based upon vote for me and I will give you X, Y, and Z even if the business cycle is moving in the opposite direction.