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Bakhmut falls & Greece Elections Defeat the Polls

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 COMMENT #1: Marty, I really do not know how Socrates does it. You were correct. May was a critical target. Bakhmut has fallen not just on the monthly target, but right to the week. It is becoming obvious why the CIA and the bankers went after you. Socrates beats everything even geopolitically.

Just amazing.


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ANSWER #1: The future is written in the data. Socrates sorts it all out and what emerges is something I believe no human being can possibly forecast because the variables are just way too complex to try to calculate manually. I believe the whispers I hear from behind the curtain were that this was inevitable and quietly a number of European leaders are saying Zelensky should resign. But he is the puppet of the American Neocons. I do not know how that will really work out.

Greek Election 5 21 23

COMMENT #2: Thank you so much for your response to my question on the Greek election. You were right, The arrays showed a major change and it was spot on. Please come back to Athens again. Your speech here was enlightening. It was great to meet you in the hotel that morning before. Please do an update on Greece when the dust settles.

Always your supporter


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ANSWER #2:  You know I love Athens. Yes, everything showed a major political shift in May and there were Directional Changes set up for the election both on a Weekly and Monthly level. This move to the middleright is part of the cycle. The left has gone too far. They have undermined the basic tenets of civilization which functions ONLY when everyone benefits. This is the danger many over the centuries have warned about Democracy that one side can suppress the other. This is what tears civilization apart. They simply cannot stand.

Thrasymachus Quote

There is no difference if we are dealing with a monarchy or a dictatorship. When a society turns to exploit the labor of its people, then we become merely economic slaves and regardless of the label professed by the government, it is simply tyranny. It was Thrasymachus who argued against Socrates and warned that ALL governments are the same – they only deliver justice that somehow always supports their own self-interest – not that of the people. This is why we go through these periodic cycles of revolution for every form of government always seeks more and more power until the people rise up and say – that’s enough.

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