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Apple & Reversals – Per-Click Payment Structure of Socrates

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Apple 5-3-2016

If I do not mention something on the blog, some people think it means I missed the move. Sorry, but this is not about me as an individual trying to forecast everything.

Apple shares fell right down to the Bearish Reversals, which was a huge gap. They held and then bounced.

My goal is to deliver you a system. Socrates covers everything globally. There is no possible way for me to mention every market every day or make specific forecasts. I am doing this to leave something behind. I am not in need of money to surrender my life in such a manner. To create a viable company with staff, we need to charge as our staff needs income to earn a living. On the Trader level (coming soon), we have adopted a per-click payment structure so you can click on any stock or market in the world, rather than having to pay for a subscription to a market. Subscriptions will be available to those who are focused on a given market. However, the object is to provide a model of the world. Do not expect me to mention absolutely every move and every trade in the world. That is what computers are for.