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Socrates & the Third Edition

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MA Socrates Prison

QUESTION: Martin, Thank you for not only the brilliance you share but as a retired firefighter I have to say that your courage in the face of powerful, life threatening government / criminal agents and agencies impresses me as much or more. I was wondering if we can pre order copies of your latest book (3rd edition) from you directly? Thanks again for sharing your amazing gifts.

REPLY: Thank you. They can push you so far that death is not something which you fear. Once they push you that far, they lose all their power. They cannot threaten you anymore. I have no doubt that there are dark forces in New York City who will seek their revenge. I paid my respect to the cell where Socrates died. I have no doubt that they will contrive some way to try to silence me or our computer system, ironically similar to how corrupt forces conspired against Socrates himself. When that day comes, a letter will be released naming the individuals who I still am doing battle with to this very day. They have not relented but conspired in every possible way to try to deter people from even subscribing to our computer system. There have been others who have aided them because they are simply greedy and hope to get something out of it for themselves. Those are people whose ethics are up for sale to the highest bidder.

Unfortunately, we do not handle the sales of the books. That is all done through Amazon. It is a huge job to send out books, collect sales taxes for various regions, and simply deal with the ever changing legal landscape. It is a nightmare on a global level. We will get the third edition up soon.