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The Rise of the Neocons Now Available $9.95

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The Rise of the Neocons

This may be perhaps one of the most important reports on what is really behind the destruction of our future. I have tried my best to cover the long history of how this group of people came from both political parties and have connived ever since Ronald Reagan became President to prevent any reconciliation with Russia or to establish world peace. From the very beginning of negotiations between Germany and then the Soviet Union in 1955 to open trade between the two nation-states, the Neocons have conspired against any such relationship.

The destruction of the Nord Stream Pipeline was the covert dream of the Neocons. In fact, from the outset, they directed American foreign policy to sanction even Western companies that made pipe for all of the Russian pipelines to Europe since 1960. This has been going on for 72 years. The origin of the Neocons was actually inside the Democratic Party. They wanted the totalitarian power that Marxism created, but they were not fond of the economic equality positions. Thus they became the “conservatives” inside the Democratic Party – not the Republicans. Yet ever since, they have gathered Republicans to support their causes as well and that is typically waging war and their main goal is always Regime Change. Today, they have become an unelected silent third party that infiltrates the current administration to gain their objectives.

This report is meant to provide the UNBIASED historical facts of how they began, who they are, and where as well as when they are taking us to a very dark future. Hopefully, like cockroaches, when you turn on the light, just maybe they will scatter. This report is reasonably priced to hopefully seek the widest possible audience and we need word of mouth to spread the truth to save our future. So send this link to everyone you know. Just maybe some will put down their COVID mask and open their eyes.

Now Available $9.95