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The Monetary Crisis Cycle Report

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Like clockwork, we tend to go through these monetary resets because those in power lack the experience of a trader and always design some system that is destined to fail. The gold standard under Bretton Woods failed because they fixed the value of gold at $35 but never fixed the supply of dollar. Eventually, there was not enough gold to back the money supply at such a fixed ratio. In creating the Euro, they refused to consolidate the debts. They again tried to create a currency but then lacked even government bonds to back the currency as was the case at the Federal Reserve.

We truly must come to an understand not just what is money, but what is the true role of money within the economy. It is one thing to argue that there is a Monetary Crisis Cycle which runs through history like a regular heartbeat. But what are we truly measuring? There are arguments that many have made that money must be commodity based and have some intrinsic value. This concept truly goes back to the very beginning or society when we simply were engaging in barter – I will give you three potatoes for two carrots. There was no “labor” factor at this early stage. It was still very primitive.

Understanding that the value of currencies is no longer some tangible commodity or bond, but it is the collective capacity of the people. Some third world countries can have twice the amount of people as the United States, but if they lack the entrepreneurship to create an economy, then it means nothing. Russia has all the hard assets, but not the creativity of China. China, Japan, and Germany all rose from the ashes without gold using only fiat currencies.

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This report deals with the coming Monetary Crisis Cycle and the reset we historically go through periodically. This is due in 2021-2022 and we can see this coming like a train approaching down the tracks. First there was the Inverted Yield Curve, then the Repo Crisis, now the Central Bank Crisis, and next the Monetary Crisis. Welcome to the interesting times of the 21st century.

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