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The De-Dollarization Book – $25

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This is an advance copy in PDF of a book that will be on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, hopefully by the end of August, and will be printed in full color for the worldwide market. Because this topic is so important and the mass media will, as usual, point everyone in the wrong direction, I have tried to cover all the REAL facts about the world’s monetary system in this publication. I aim to enlighten the masses against the prevailing propaganda that seems to dominate everything.

19th centurt pounds or gold

As always, it is fashionable to say the dollar is doomed. During the 19th century, the British pound was the financial capital of the world, and most finance was conducted in pounds. It took two world wars to dethrone Britain. Nobody seems actually to understand anything about the role of the dollar. All they look at is the backing and the quantity as if all other currencies are problem free. They tout that the BRICS will replace the dollar. But will they also finance the world economy?

The vast majority of the global economy is financed by deals that are routed through New York banks and venture capital firms.  This publication deals with what is the real wealth of nations and how governments are ignorant of what constitutes the foundation of any nation-state, as most pundits. This publication goes into the paradox of how the US economy may be only 25% of world GDP, yet is more than 60% of central bank reserves. WHY? There is a lot more behind the fashionable prognostications than people dare to even think about.

De Dollarization Pages

In addition, I have gone into the long-term fate of most major currencies.

Hopefully, this book will have some influence when it comes time to create the currency post-2032.

Price  – $25