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Reports Available AFTER January 1

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Real Estate Advertisement 2015


Our reports that were provided to conference attendees will be available for sale to the general public AFTER January 1. We apologize, but doing business going into year-end just causes too many tax problems. So with a new year, we will be ready to sell reports. The taxman makes it way too hard to do business these days. The book “Atlas Shrugged” discussed what would happen if the producers refused to produce. The government is like the mafia — they come in and demand a piece of the action and will threaten you or shut your business down if you do not comply. This is what Viktor Yanukovych did in Ukraine which led to a revolution.

The $10 trial for the Investor Level of Socrates was priced at a minimum because we are trying to open the world for the general public, and at the same time, having to pay something ensures we are dealing with real people and not robots. We promised we would not leave the little guy behind.

Happy holidays to all and a smashing New Year!