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Political Forecasting – $35 The Impeachment of Trump

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We have so many readers who are not market traders asking about the political future we have decided to provide a very special report that goes through the legal and illegal way they can move against Trump for Impeachment. This is the most comprehensive report perhaps written on this subject with no political slant – just the history of impeachment and how Congress has routinely never obeyed the law.

I have approached this subject from simply a question of law and to prove there is no bias in this as to commentary being pro-Trump or anti-Trump, I have taken each impeachment on the fact alone. Indeed, I have shown that even the impeachment of Bill Clinton was illegal. Impeachment is a political tool, and there is no rule of law.

Impeachment Events

Since Ronald Reagan, there have been an impeachment filing against absolutely every president. We are moving into a period of a bull market in impeachment proceedings because this is simple the culmination of a trend how government disintegrates from within.

We are pricing this report so everyone can afford it at just $35 for this is indeed a guide to the future that impacts everyone.