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How To Trade a Vertical Market

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How to Trade a Vertical Market

How to Trade a Vertical Market


One of the most difficult, yet potentially rewarding, trading opportunities to unfold is the vertical market. This special report examines the two different types of vertical markets (Phase Transitions and Plateau Moves) and discusses how to differentiate and successfully trade each one respectfully. This report will clearly show you where to place your stop as the market unfolds and is essential for navigating the coming trend.

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This is a report that is rather unique. The analysis will not be found in any book on technical analysis. Most have never even discussed how markets explode in either a Phase Transition often called a bubble and then the Plateau Move which historically forges a whole new level of trading without the subsequent crash and burn. How do they differ? What examples illustrate the difference?

This is the first time Martin Armstrong has made this form of analysis available to non-institutional clientele.

Each report is watermarked with a unique number to prevent reproduction. This is something many will cherish in their library forever.