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How Empires Die

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This special report includes for the first time “The Dark Age Cycle,” which looks into how empires die. Sometimes they just collapse, yet at other times, civilization also collapses and moves into a Dark Age. This report distinguishes all the historical changes that have taken place and the rise and fall of empires, nations, and city-states. This dives into the monetary system and how it was reconstructed in order to ascertain the cycles that are so important to understand.

This report dives into global contagions and illustrates that while people have suddenly seen the economy as global today, it has not always been that way. This analysis covers modern financial panics in addition to ancient and draws the analysis and common themes that undermine society. It would be nice if we learned as a society from past mistakes, as most of us do on a personal level. Every parent warns their child not to touch the flame of a candle. No matter how often we were warned, everyone was still compelled to see for ourselves.

Society lacks that evolution from experience. Hence, collectively we keep sticking our finger into the flame expecting somehow a different result. Worse yet, with every financial crisis, nobody ever asks has this taken place before? Was there a solution that previously worked?

Perhaps this is just why history must repeat. We can only learn from our past mistakes on a personal individual level. Society collectively seems incapable of ever retaining such knowledge. Thus, those of us who can see the trend are compelled to watch others repeat the same mistakes over and over again.