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"The Cycle of War and the Coronavirus" - Digital Edition Now Available

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2020 War Cycle


This is by far the most comprehensive work I have ever done on civil unrest & the Cycle of War. This is being printed by a publisher and will eventually be available in stores priced, we believe, at $125. However, I had hoped when I was finished with this writing that it would have been available by now. It appears that it will not be available in a printed format until after the elections. It just takes these publishers and distributors way too long to actually reach the delivery date. The EBook will eventually be out at $95. Both of those are out of our control.

Therefore, I wanted to make this work available to our clients. This will NOT entitle you to a printed edition that is sold by various book stores from Amazon to Barnes & Noble. Those who do not want to wait for those hardbound editions, we have made this book available for immediate download here from our site. This is a comprehensive work and the index is below.

Download Version … $95.00

(This does not include books sold by 3rd party vendors)


2020 war Index 1 2020 war index 2 2020 war index 3 2020 war index 4 2020 war index 5 2020 war index 6