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Manipulating World Economy – 1st & 2nd Edition & Status of the 3rd edition

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Manipulating 2nd Edition

QUESTION: Do you have any first or second edition available for collectors?


ANSWER: Sorry, we do not. A first edition sold on eBay for $2,000, I believe. I am not sure what the second edition goes for but we do not have any available. We will print a large number of books for the third edition. I know there are people who formed a group to send one to politicians in the USA. Another group in the UK wanted to send copies to members of Parliament. Just to do that would require over 1,000 copies.

Collectors of the first and second editions should go to traditional antique book stores or look on eBay.

Amazon picks up directly from the printer and it could take them four weeks to put them on the site. It is not a quick process. Unfortunately, we have no control over when the third edition will be available. I would suspect April/May will be when they are ready to sell them again.