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Manipulating the World Economy May Be Available in Australia

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Manipulating 2nd Edition

COMMENT: I found that Amazon was selling your new edition of Manipulating the World Economy briefly on Saturday (Australia time). Greatly surprised to find today they are actually sending me your report on China Rising today. I may have made a mistake but I tend to think it’s theirs – if your book is already pre-orderable, then perhaps they sold more than they have! Anyway, I will keep looking to purchase, and this email is merely in case other people report strange goings on with Amazon too.

Your blog is a joy in my life, thank you thank you!

PR Australia (basic subscriber too)

REPLY: What we do know is that Amazon does ship inventory around the world to their different distribution centers. We do know that they are slow indeed. So whatever portion of the supply they picked up from the printer was sent to places outside the USA, but most likely there was some delay on that. But once again, we have no control over this process. What I do know is the USA sold out on a pre-trial order basis in less than three hours. I was not aware they even managed to ship to warehouses outside the USA. All I know is that they said they needed more because the demand was far beyond their original expectations.

This is good to know. I suggest that those who have Amazon outside the USA look on your local sites to see if there is any availability. We have no information as to which countries managed to get shipments before the USA sold out.