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How to Redesign Government for the Next Generation post-2032

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Capitalism Socialism Tyranny

QUESTION: Hi Martin,
Thank you for your great insights! We are thankful.
Often you have stated that you are happy that you do not have the age of 25, because of the chaos and economic crises coming ahead. Unfortunately, many of us (just like me) are 25 years old at this point in time. What advice do you have for us? How to build up a life? Where to go in life? Especially for those in Europe (for me in the Netherlands) are desperately in need for advice.
Thank you in advance,
Kind regards,

2020 Monetary Reset

ANSWER: Life used to be simpler I suppose. Governments were perhaps not as aggressive. Everything began to change from the 60s. But today, you can’t get on a plane without ID and you can’t freely take money someplace. The political world has gone insane and the hatred rising up is just astonishing. What is going on in Britain is an example of how Democracy is dead. People simply refuse to accept that their candidate has lost. Merely because a conservative posed with a bag of Yorkshire Tea, people are demanding a boycott of the product. It’s just a reflection as to how society is cascading toward a violent conclusion.

1 ECM 2032

Unfortunately, we are entering a period of dramatic change politically. We are entering the final stages for the collapse of Marxist/Socialism. The year 1989 was the peak of the first 8.6-year wave in this cycle that ends in 2032. The conclusion of this cycle will bring a time for dramatic change where all the old systems are collapsing. The government has never been designed correctly post-World War II. I am trying to get this all out in a book for the average person. This will be a blueprint of how to redesign the government for the next generation when the time comes post-2032.