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Hope for the Future

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Biden Executive Order

After serious discussions, there is great concern that those behind Biden and drafting these executive orders having him sign them is off the charts wiping out We The People. Trump’s orders to bring down drug prices for diabetics were just reversed to help big pharma. It appears that the corruption is running very deep, but the job losses and destruction of businesses are going too far. There is blow-back in the Democratic states like New York and California showing stiff resistance toward lockdowns. There are Democrats on the Hill who are getting very upset at all of these dictatorial executive orders which circumvent the very purpose of Congress. Even the New York Times has come out and criticized Biden for this approach.

The word I am hearing is there will be a revolt if Biden tries to impose a lockdown nationally. New York City is an example. There is no way that is coming back. What they have done to the theatre district drove a stake into the heart of the tourist business. As I have said, every time I went to a Broadway play about half the audience were foreign tourists. That is dead and then we have the collapse of landmark restaurants that thrived on the theatre trade.


Then we have Congress putting Trump on trial a second time just to divide the country in hopes that they will slander him and thereby destroy the Republican Party going forward. History will not look kindly on what the Democrats have done for now under this precedent which is not supported by the Constitution since private citizens cannot be put on trial in Congress – that is Judicial – then they can impeach Bill Clinton for his sex scandals and new evidence that surfaced or Hillary for destroying her emails.

Sixth Wave Economic Confidence Model ECM 309.6 1024x693

Unfortunately, welcome to the conclusion of this Private Wave. What we all need to do is work hard so what comes after 2032 is a new way of doing business altogether. It is time we try Direct Democracy whereby every measure must be submitted to the people to vote on – not only politicians. There must be term limits – one time and gone. There should be a minimum age limit such as 40 to 50. The is the end of the Sixth Wave. This is the time for a complete change.

Sixth Wave ECM Greek Roman 309.6 1024x662

The Sixth Wave before this marked the peak in the Roman Empire. There too, the wave concluded with the flight from the cities to the suburbs as we are witnessing today. What followed was the fragmentation of society and every split into merely local city-states. It took nearly 600 years thereafter before we begin to see the rise of national states once again.

Tree Cutting Down

We can do this. The Tree of Life is being cut down as it always falls from authoritarian corruption. It is up to us now to decide where direction the tree falls. The next two books I will be releasing this year are (1) the Economic Confidence Model and a review of how it has worked and why over the centuries, and (2) a revised and expanded version of the Greatest Bull Market in History renamed:


2021 Birth of Free Markets

It is my hope that these books will help to guide us in the future as to a new way of managing society that is in harmony with nature and human kind.