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Coronavirus & Next Great Depression

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2020 Coronavirus Depression

Many questions have been coming in about how will this impact the economy post-Coronavirus. Suffice it to say, despite the fact that the analysis used by the academics has been clearly debunked based solely on guessing, the damage to the economy has been permanent. Now even Dr. Deborah Birx is trying to explain that these models by the academics are bogus. We will lose freedoms and rights and there will be no back-stepping.

Trump is trying to defend against this absurdity but the press will not back down. They want to use this to overthrow Trump regardless of the truth. In the process, they are destroying our liberty and supporting a leftist agenda that will deprive even their families of a future as well but their hatred of Trump blinds them to the their own future.

Coronavirus Next Great Depression Preface 1

I am running Socrates on the global economic statistics to be able to offer unbiased assessment of the crisis which has been created be it intentionally by academics, or by their incompetence. Others have at the very least decided to exploit the situation as they did with 911. There was a real terrorist attack and they knew it would take place and when. They waited for the right moment, let it happen, and exploited it to achieve more power. This seems to be the very least in that accord.

I do know personally of  well connected elites who were given the tip to sell everything and they did. If they did not nudge the academics to create fake research, they knew what was coming and took advantage.

I am putting the report together ASAP. Keep in mind that Socrates has been the only guiding light through this BECAUSE it is not based upon human bias and there is no human presumption involved. This is NOT my personal opinion. I is my job to provide what Socrates projects.

It will be priced at $9.95 for this is not for simply traders. I will announce when it is ready. Hopefully, by Monday.