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Coins for Sale – about 1,000 Will be Available

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4th century hoard


We apologize that the store had technical errors and many did not get a chance to buy any. We do have more Victorinus and Postunums coins and several hundred 4th century bronze numis of the Constantine era and later. These we will put in packets of 5 coins un-attributed for $50 that if you would like to give to a child or grandchild they can investigate to see who issued each coin themselves. It would be a bit of a game for them if they knew how to use the internet.

We will have the programmers look at the store on Monday and fix the problem. We also have coins of Claudius II Gothicus (268-270AD) and several emperors thereafter into the reign of Diocletian. In all, we probably have about 1,000 coins from these hoards that will be available.