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3rd Edition Manipulating the World Economic Goes to Print This Week

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Manipulating World Economy 3rd edition

We have received many inquiries about the 3rd edition. We have added some text and an index. It is going to print this week. With respect to those asking if we can reserve a copy or those asking if they can buy a quantity at a discount to redistribute, we do not get involved in selling the books. It really is a big project having to handle shipping even internationally.

Amazon picks up the books directly from the printer. So they do not even come to us in the process. With respect to selling quantities, we would have to make an inquiry of the printer if they can even make independent shipments and if so what would be the minimum quantity.

All we know is that there were people who bought multiple copies from Amazon. A number of people purchased multiples to send to third parties based upon emails we received were usually friends or politicians. There was a group that sought to purchase one for every member of Congress but there were not enough left to accomplish that goal.

We will make inquires of the printer to see if they could make individual shipments. I would suspect it would be probably a minimum lot of 20 books. We will let everyone know.

With respect to autographed copies, I will always be glad to do that at conferences only.