Euro – ECB – Ukraine

Euro - ECB - Ukraine

The European Central Bank is doomed. It has not raised rates as I have warned, they are trapped by their own stupidity. Lagarde has confirmed what I reported previously that they would reduce their balance sheet by buying less debt from governments. The sanctions on Russia will not just accelerate inflation, it will have a profound impact as was the case when Russia self-isolated itself following the Communist Revolution when they choose not to deal with corrupt capitalists.

The EUro has been in a Waterfall and the real crisis is that Western politicians know that Ukraine was in fact moving against the separatist provinces. This is the Ukrainian Nazi element that still exists and simply hates Russian-speaking Ukrainians and is employing the same ethnic cleansing they did during World War II. The West is just starting to uncover the truth but once politicians have gone all-in, there is no reversal.