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Most Schools Do Not Teach Computer Science

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Back in the 90s, we would outfit schools with computers because, in my judgment, computer science is probably the most essential qualification next to reading. You can even get a pocket calculator to do your math, and you can have phones read your text messages, but the one skill set that children cannot do without is computer science. I tried to do my part in helping local Catholic schools, mainly because public schools were hopelessly bogged down in bureaucratic red tape.

Nothing has changed. Teachers want a fortune to teach with pensions nobody else will ever see, but they DO NOT have the skill set to teach computer science themselves, with a very small percentage being an exception. This is the NUMBER ONE problem facing education. Technology has passed the teachers by and they do not even notice. Most schools simply do not teach computer science and it is handicapping our children in a very dramatic manner. Friends looked at me strangely for handing three-year-olds iPads for Christmas. Within three months, they were doing better than their parents were. Food for thought.